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Campbellton Neighbourhood Association

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association is a non-profit group of volunteers who are committed to enhancing living experiences in the Campbellton River Village. Together, with residents, business owners, the City of Campbell River, Vancouver Island University, and other community partners; we work to improve and beautify this part of our city.  



The CNA meets every second Wednesday at 4:30.  We offer hybrid meetings at this time.
We always welcome new energy! Please contact us kimberleyjeanbarry@gmail.comor
if you'd like to attend one of our meetings.


CNALogo20220321with multi bears.JPG

2022 Board Members

  • Chair: Laurel Cronk
  • Vice Chair: Shaun Laughy
  • Secretary: Kim Barry
  • Treasurer: Penny Roberts
  • Director: Morgan Ostler
  • Director: Carol Couture
  • Director: Dustin Schook
  • Director: Kris Nesbitt
  • Director: Richard Cronk
  • Director: Eric Baikie
  • Director: Maureen Wale
  • Director: Zoie Richards
  • Director: Deb Gyles
  • RCMP: Inspector Jeff Preston
  • City Councillor: Ron Kerr
  • Chamber of Commerce: Mary Ruth Snyder

Campbellton's Star is Rising

Thanks to the efforts of a group of activists, Campbellton’s star is rising. It has taken years of scrubbing sidewalks, grooming foliage and planting flower boxes to arrive at this point. The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association (CNA) was formed in 2012 before any real attention was paid to the transformation underway. The association members, chaired by businessman Brian Shaw, fully realized the historic importance of the river and its position in the development of the general area.

More than 100 years ago Campbellton was the centre of a rough little community surrounded by industrial activity. The CNA members were a visionary group and, with professional guidance from students at Vancouver Island University. The first stage of a far-reaching plan was developed. That document not only included streets, byways and village signage but additionally the creation of Spruce St. Viewpoint, which provides access to the river embankment.  A community garden was also formed, and decorative banners were hung. Campbellton was being recognized.The upgrade of the approach to Campbellton via the Inland Island Highway was high on the agenda. It included the mounting of a rebuilt Beaver float plane as an entrance feature.  The project was completed in 2022 and, after nine years of volunteer effort, the much-loved Beaver now stands on its 25’ pedestal in the highway median. Beaver Landing is a symbol of aviation’s importance in the early history of the community.


The second stage of the plan was made possible with transferred funds from the City. It involved rebranding Campbellton as the Campbellton River Village, with a new logo including a bear on a paddle board with a saw in the background. A new community entrance sign helped to set the tone and a 7 km River Route that connected 7 Campbellton trails, was also developed.  This route connected Campbellton to the 28 km Greenways Loop that circles Campbell River. The flower boxes continued to be the jewel of the area. Still, the colourful flowers delighted all who drove or walked by.

In 2022, Laurel Cronk took over as chair of the CNA.  The CNA board increased to 13 members and, together, they continued to promote the Rescue the River Initiative and the new River Village brand. A grant from Island Coastal Economic Trust and support from the City of Campbell River, allowed for the development of a second community park, The River Nook, beside the Tamarac Bridge.  This park features local public art and connection to the river. A second community entrance sign was also installed at the entrance from the north.

The Campbellton River Village is slowly rising to be the star it should be - but there is still much work to be done. Recognition of its past, with the Beaver floatplane, speaks to the importance of its history. The new logo, River Route, parkettes help to shape the present image. 


What will the future bring?

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